Water Harvesters

Beat those water charges!

Water Harvesters supplied, installed and fitted – with no mess.

Perfect for watering lawns, flowerbeds and vegetable beds.

And of course don’t forget car washes!

Installing a water butt involves the following (if everything goes according to plan). Once you get your butt home you will have to wrestle it into a suitable site at the end of your chosen downpipe. After you've lugged your water butt to it's ultimate location then you have to connect it up to the downpipe. This involves carefully cutting out a section of the downpipe. You have to make sure that you cut just the right size piece. You will also need to loosen or remove the wall bracket that holds the lower section of the downpipe.

Then you need to hook up the diverter into position making sure that everythng is properly sealed against any posssible leaks. Then you have to connect to the water butt once again taking care to ensure that there won't be any leaks. If you get it wrong the diverter might not operate properly and your water butt will overflow once it becomes full. We've even known some self-installers to crack the downpipe necessitating complete replacement.

If all of this seems a bit daunting of just too much hassle then it's time to contact us. We do it all for you quickly, efficiently, and effectively.