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Kitchen Garden Bloom Day 08/2013 | Your Small Kitchen Garden

It's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day once again, and I'm celebrating along with many other bloggers whose posts you can find over at May Dreams Gardens. I've been away nearly all summer, but occasional visits home, some oversight from my wife, and fair weather have combined to keep my garden healthy. I've already harvested plenty of…
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Cleaning up the Garden for a new Season

One of the tasks a gardener must do yearly, or more often, is clean up the garden. In the ornamental garden you'll have old dead perennials that must be cut down and dealt with to make room for the new season's growth. In the past I've used a lawnmower for this, it can be hard…
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Holiday Lawn Maintenance

Are you heading away on holidays and you have no one to look after your lawn and garden. A well kept lawn and tidy garden also keeps the prowlers away and you can rest assured to have another set of eyes looking after your property while your away and will call you if anything is…
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